Employee Advocacy

Harness the power of an employees’ voice to amplify authentic branded messages, engage colleagues and attract talent and customers.

Through the creation and implementation of a Brand Strategy and sustainable Employee Advocacy initiatives. We help organisations go from good to great by building their brand from the inside out.

Considering your people are the heart and soul of your business, employees can influence how your brand is perceived by key audiences and can enhance crucial internal and external relationships.

Your brand is your reputation, it’s a person’s gut feeling about a product, service or organisation.

Marty Neumeier

American author and speaker who writes about brand, design, innovation and creativity.

Employee stories and shared experiences become the scaffolding to build internal culture.

Placing focus on the people behind your brand is more important today than ever before. People join and stay with an organisation with whom they share similar beliefs, goals and ambitions.

They join because they get a good ‘gut feeling’ and can identify with key attributes where they feel like they will belong. These attributes include the organisation’s Brand Essence such as Truths, Values & Personality, the organisation’s Vision and Employer Value Proposition, all of which contribute to a conducive culture helping retain and attract the right people.

Edelman trust barometer has reported that ‘People like me’ are the most credible spokespeople of an organisation.

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