Our Story

Neptune was founded by Gary Neville and centres around his experience and belief that successful brands have a symbiotic relationship with their people.

What We Do

We work best with organisations who recognise the importance of their people and building their brand from the inside out.

Neptune has been instrumental in supporting us develop our L&D and Talent Management Brand Strategies. Key initiatives we have implemented to foster our people learning and development culture to become better leaders have been augmented by Neptune’s solid process.

From initial evaluation sessions to developing brand strategies all of which have been brought to life via creative and sustainable solutions, helps our Leaders recognise and develop a standard and consistency in approach and language to realise the best, in themselves and their teams.

When we embarked on the journey of crafting a strategic plan for our site in New Ross, we also needed to effectively communicate our vision with our employees. Neptune, worked closely with the Senior Leadership Team and employee focus groups, to garner insights to shape our key messaging and connect with our workforce.

With a strategic approach in mind, Neptune helped us develop a compelling brand and tailored internal marketing communications. These initiatives were implemented across the site to ensure our employees were well-informed and highly engaged, helping foster a stronger connection between our team and our strategic vision.

We are immensely pleased with the outcomes achieved through this collaborative effort and highly recommend Neptune’s approach to any organisation seeking to connect and engage with their workforce effectively.

Harness the power of an employees’ voice to amplify authentic branded messages, engage colleagues, attract talent and customers.

Ready To Collaborate?

If you like what you’ve read and want to get to know us better, we invite you to reach out. We would love to know more about your strategic initiative and how we can support you.