With over 20 years in brand strategy and creative marketing communications. Our mission is to grow people and brands together, by empowering employee voices to build stronger connections with colleagues, customers and talent.


We’re planning to hold space, share insights and connect with others, who recognise the crucial role their people play in growing their brand. Expect discussions and content on growing a brand from the inside out, creatively connecting your brand with target audiences, and the power of employee voice to help amplify messaging and sustain strategic initiatives.


For entrepreneurs, senior leaders, HR professionals, TA, L&D, OD’s, CMO’s, sales and communication specialists.

If there’s an appetite for this type of conversation, to support organisations in Ireland, then we will launch the platform.

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Have you ever leveraged Voice of the Employee (VoE) or employee brand advocacy to amplify or sustain internal or external communications?

On a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 is very low and 5 is very high. How familiar is your organisation with the potential of Voice of the Employee (VoE) in enhancing internal engagement, attracting talent, and engaging customers?

On a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 is very low and 5 is very high. Do you think there are opportunities where you work that could benefit from additional support or guidance regarding the utilisation of Voice of the Employee (VoE) to improve employee engagement, talent or customer attraction?

What has your organisation done in the past, to successfully engage, connect and communicate with employees when implementing new initiatives?

What are the most important metrics you use to measure the effectiveness and sustainability of internal employee engagement?